“Jaws 2” (1977; John D. Hancock Version; Partially Filmed)

http://small-town-film-rambler.blogspot.com/2014/10/jaws-2-and-john-d-hancock.html Likely draft: http://www.horrorlair.com/scripts/jaws2finaldraft.txt Comic adaptation:http://diversionsofthegroovykind.blogspot.com/2011/06/remembering-gene-colan-jaws-2-by.html

“Shrek!” Chris Farley Version (1997; Partially Recorded)

In 1990, magazine cartoonist, William Steig published an original "fractured fairy tale" children's book, "Shrek!". The story told the tale of a vile, ugly teenaged ogre who is (literally) kicked out of his Parents' den and told to make a living for himself, scaring people. Shrek sets out to go off on an adventure, joined … Continue reading “Shrek!” Chris Farley Version (1997; Partially Recorded)