For anyone who knows me, I dabble in the obscure, the rare, the uncommon so much that it can tend to be obnoxious. However, I just can’t contain myself. I don’t exactly know what age my obsession with researching lost and obscure media began to manifest itself, or what was the cause, but I can say that since then, it’s become my biggest hobby. Now, of course that doesn’t mean that I find all rare or lost projects fascinating, like any commonly available piece of media, they have to interest me to begin with, have many elements to them that drives me to seek it out. Fortunately, however, there seems to have been more and more of these to look at and a lot of them have actually gone on to be found, or even produced, be they obscure, lost or unmade films, on-off specials exclusive to VHS or filmstrips, or even unreleased music, story records or ideas for concept albums, I look through this stuff constantly, be it an online auction, or just a trip to the neighborhood thrift store (you’d never expect the WEIRD stuff you’d find there.) So, without further ado, step, if you’re willing, into the often unexplored regions of entertainment’s past.